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Wedding Photography Redefined
If there's anything unique about Dutch-born Joe Buissink's photography, it's that everything is unique, starting with a website ( design that combines equal parts of whimsy and style. Take a look at the wedding gallery and prepare for a treat; this ain't your father's wedding photography but a Baz Luhrmann hybrid of romance, photojournalism, and, dare I say it, art. How many wedding photographs have you seen of empty chairs? Well, Buissink's got 'em in here in knock-your-socks-off fashion. There are the expected portraits of brides and grooms and cute flower girls but you've never seen these subjects photographed the way Buissink does it. Each incident is revisited using an approach that defies conventionality yet always is respectful of the subjects.

There are so many wonderful photographs, done in so many different and wonderful ways, on this site that it is simply impossible for me to choose a favorite or two; you gotta see for yourself. The body of Buissink's work is simply incredible, but the most startling thing is the difference between the elegant photojournalism of his wedding photography and the in-your-face impact of his portraits. Here you'll find the expected portraits of a mother and a baby, albeit done in mondo Buissink-style, but there are also portraits of a boxer, stripper, short order cook, and a ballerina's tired feet. Buissink's stylings redefine wedding imagery for this millennium and will be the standard that all others will be measured against in the future.

Is Joe Buissink the best wedding photographer in the world? Based on the photographs on his website, I would have to say unequivocally yes!
© 2005, Joe Buissink, All Rights Reserved

Photography, Film, Writing, Directing
Ray Smith is a quadruple threat; he's a UK-based imagemaker who, in addition to still photography, is involved with writing, producing, and directing films. He just started a production company called Bullet Movies whose site ( features a trailer for his movie Blunt. That's an apt title for Smith's portrait photography as well. The Portrait gallery of his stark website ( contains no-holds-barred black and white portraits of subjects who are obviously engaged by the process and, my guess is, Ray too. His Fashion photography similarly represents confrontational images but the approach, while looser, is nonetheless structured around his Bauhaus stylings.

Smith's Commercial images, while obviously commercial, maintain the edginess of his other work while playing with garish or understated colors, featuring models who, in either case, are dressed and styled to the nines. Interestingly, the images in this section are larger than the photographs found in his other galleries, which might force you to get up close and personal with your monitor, but maybe that's his point.

Ray Smith is a quadruple threat; he's a UK-based imagemaker who, in addition to still photography, is involved with writing, producing, and directing films.
© 2005, Ray Smith, All Rights Reserved


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