“Perspective Is Everything”

The January rainstorms had come to the Utah high desert mountains, making it a perfect day to capture the storm clouds and rainbows that moved across the various mountain ranges. As I was driving on the outskirts of the small town of Gunlock, Utah, I came around a large mountain cliff ledge. To my surprise under the ledge were at least a dozen donkeys trying to escape the cold, freezing drizzle and get the warmth coming off the rock face. There were two donkeys in particular that caught my eye because of their noisy insistence on being in the same place.

As the sun broke through the clouds and I was about to take my shot, I was reminded of an important lesson in photography a good friend taught me years ago. He would always tell me to try moving to the left or to the right or walking around my subject. Those words couldn’t have been more perfect in this situation because just moving to the left of the two donkeys created this very funny picture.
—Debbie Bice
Washington, UT

Technical Info: Photo was taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 camera. Exposure was 1/1300 sec at f/4 at ISO 100
© Debbie Bice

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This is wonderful. Great ideas to keep in mind about the broader sense of photography and taking pictures. - David Slone

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amazing snapshot,, its like edited picture but the truth is your just finding the best angle to take the picture,,nice,,,your a great photographer..

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