Please comment briefly on your airline travel camera packing strategy.

Please comment briefly on your airline travel camera packing strategy.
Yes I usually cut down on lenses, flash etc. so I can travel without hassles.
65% (80 votes)
I have an airline standard rolling backpack or pack that usually lets me take everything I want.
34% (42 votes)
I have a secure, heavy-duty check-in container that allows me to check my cameras as luggage so I can take all the gear I need.
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 124
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Jim Osborn's picture

I almost always fly Southwest who has no single bag limit. Still, I pack all my camera gear in a pelican case that I can carry-on.

David Chambers's picture

I have a travel bag set up with the ability to quickly remove a layer of equipment and place in one of the trays for x-ray. Therefore, I have never had a problem going through secuity with carry on camera bag.

Michael D.  Miller's picture

For this reason we intend to DRIVE for at least a 2 to 3 day travel, so I can take everything I want.

Norm Schultze's picture

My camera bag holds 2 bodies, 3 lenses, spare CF cards and spare batteries. Everything I need and it fits nicely into the overhead bin.

Dee Elzer's picture

I use a large backpack that lets me load everything that I need in one place.

Vincent Filaski's picture

Airlines must realize that photography gear cannot withstand the abuse normally sustained in checked baggage.

Ron Dickson's picture

Don't know why anyone would check their photo bag to be dropped from the air plane or someone pick it up at the baggage pick up area, anyone could pick it up with a 100 people standing around.

Mark Blum's picture

I also have a secure, heavy-duty check-in container that allows me to check my cameras as luggage so I can take all the gear I need.

Loenz Rychner's picture

Depends hugely on destination, purpose of trip, airline choices (SW doesn't charge for checked bags...), security/storage options at the other end when not actually out shooting.

Richard Valentine's picture

I carry-on everything I can for the most part and only check-in accessories that I can easily replace. Cameras and lenses are always carry-ons.

David Dryden's picture

The new baggage weight restrictions and extra fees definitely have an effect. Now, I usually travel with a Canon G-9 and the 580 flash plus small tripod.

Lee 's picture

Even though 90% of all shots are taken with the same equipment over and over, the wanted equipment for a particular shot always seems to be back at the studio. With my large photo equipment backpack I can take along more than I realy ever need plus usually carry on all my needed clothing and wears in one case by using my clothing as extra padding for protection. remember to take along large gallon sized zipper bags to place soiled garments in.

George Sass's picture

I carry all my gear with me...two bodies, pro lenses, two flash untis and a 13" a rolling backpack. I pack my empty field backpack and Think Tank belt system in my suitcase, which I check. They are stuffed with clothing and toiletries until I get to the hotel, unpack and transfer what I need for the day's shoot. Whatever I leave behind at the hotel is put in a safe.

Eugene Marrero's picture

Because of children, dogs and travel restrictions, I've got it down to one backpack that has 90% of what I need which I carry around with me all the time. If I need to carry an extra lens or flash, I will usually evaluate whether I really need it first.

Terry schwartz's picture

I travel with 2 DsMkIII's, a 5DMkII and lots of lenses. Use 2 smaller bags if traveling on commuter jets- their carry on space is tighter. let the flight attendant know how much $ is in the case, and be nice. Sometimes the bags must go under the seat in front of you.Third world countries such as Mozambique or anwheres serviced by SA have a strict weight allowance- 8Kg. Wear a vest and put the bodies around your neck. A good vest will hold alot!

Rob Jarvis's picture

I usually choose one camera, 1 flash and 2 no more than 3 lenses

David G's picture

I haven't taken anything out of the bag and put it on th shelf yet. I also try to fly Southwest whenever possible. (no bag fees)

cena's picture

I have a travel bag set up with the ability to quickly remove a layer of equipment and place in one of the trays for x-ray. Therefore,650-369

angelica's picture

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ThomasStuart's picture

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benjaminbilly's picture

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