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Joseph A. Dickerson Posted: Jul 01, 1999 0 comments

Shooting In The Wet

It was the longest mileage day in a multi-day bike tour of the California Wine Country and the Mendocino Coast and we had yet to ride a mile when the rain that had been threatening started to come down. At...

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Joseph A. Dickerson Posted: Jun 01, 1999 0 comments

It seems that as technology strives to make picture taking easier and more digitalized there is a backlash among many photographers toward rediscovering techniques and processes of the past. Therefore, I thought this would be an opportune time to share my...

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Jay Abend Posted: Feb 01, 1999 0 comments

One of the truly liberating aspects of shooting black and white film is the relatively low cost of setting up and maintaining your own darkroom. When moving to a new studio recently, I was forced to break down my existing darkroom and consider whether to...


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